Visit to Tate, Liverpool

arts roy munday, visiting with the life drawing class and other members to tate, liverpool, to view the keith haring exhibition

Myself in the entrance to the Keith Haring exhibition, Tate, Liverpool, 2019. Members of the life class, and other members of the art group, enjoyed this exhibition, though we were a bit doubtful at first, as Keith Haring isn't particularly known. But he was painting in New York with that Andy Warhol generation who were emerging with new kinds of art, much of it commenting on the times they were living in.

pondering on of Keith Haring's paintings

life drawing class, at tate, Liverpool, pondering one of Keith Haring's paintings. life drawing class for beginners, near me, liverpool, merseyside

Almost 40 members attended this thought provoking exhibition. Many of the images did include nude figures, though done in Keith Haring's own immediate style. Apparently he didn't do preliminary sketches, but worked immediately and following instinct, much in the style of Jackson Pollock.

life drawing class's visit to the Tate, liverpool, to view the keith haring exhibition. beginners life drawing class, members, near me, merseyside

Amazing how productive Keith Haring was in his short art career, which spanned only 10 years, before dying from AIDS. He was of that gay generation who would be decimated by this. Hard to imagine that in New York alone, 40.000 people died from this disease. This image shows members looking at some of his other work.